We offer complete consulting services in the food industry: technological design for food factories, designs for restaurants, patisseries, confectioneries, drawing of food labels, drawing product data sheet and safety data sheet of products, getting an operating notice and a lot more.

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Who is she?

Doctor alimente is an Food Tehnologist, graduate of the most prestigious faculty in the country in this domain, named Facultatea de industrie alimentara de la Universitatea “Dunarea de Jos” in Galati, and with a PhD obtained in 2005 in bio-technologies related to food engineering. The licence degree was made about wine and the PhD about milk and dairy products.

Doctor alimente is a Business Developer for a diverse range of projects in the food industry: green-field technological design, modernization of technological streams and technologies, improvement of manufacturing recipes etc. Doctor alimente is also an Innovation Broker in technological design and factory modernisation in the food industry with or without EU funding. She has 8 years of experience in this domain.

Consultant in the food domain for: creation and verification of labels for food products, implementation of quality systems in conformity with ISO 22000, HACCP, obtaining documentation for sanitary, veterinary notices of working, creating technological and security paperwork for food products and food supplements.

Consultant in domeniul alimentar pentru: creare si verificare etichete pentru produse alimentare, implementrare sisteme de calitate in conformitate cu ISO 22000, HACCP, creare documentatie pentru obtinerea avizelor sanitare, sanitar-veterinare de functionare,creare fise tehnice si de securitate pentru produse alimentare si suplimente nutrititive.

Trainer with experience in teaching shaping courses specific to the food industry.

As you can notice Doctor alimente is a concept created for explaining to the mass majority of consumers:

This concept is not made by nutritionists and does not want to be an explanation for human nutrition, because I am not a nutritionist, but a doctor in the science of food.


My 25 years of experience in the food domain, were obtained, firstly, from 11 years of working in production, R&D and then marketing in a food industry factory and, secondly, from 14 years of sales of additives and food ingredients, to multinational companies that operate in this domain.

The design experience in the food industry was consolidated between 2004 and 2011 by working as a technical consultant trying and succeeding in obtaining European funding from the SAPARD and FEADR programs in collaboration with numerous architects, installation engineers and financiers from prestigious Romanian companies.

Experienta in domeniul implementarii unor sisteme de calitate in conformitate cu cerintele ISO 22000 a fost realizata, dupa obtinerea certificatului de auditor intern de la TUV, prin aplicarea acestor principii in 4 companii ce activeaza in domeniul industriei alimentare.

The experience in implementing quality systems in conformity with ISO 22000 was gained after obtaining the internal auditor certificate from TUV, by applying these principles in 4 companies that work in the food industry. Training experience was gained over the years from the product seminaries presented to the customers of the companies I worked for and from the activity over the last year where I trained adults through the POSDRU program.


Doctoralimente offers consulting services in the following domains:



- Drawing labels for food products in conformity with the available EU legislation.
Checking the label against the CEE legislation
-Giving the marketing certificate at the lowest prices



Creating the technical specification for food product in conformity with EU law



-Calculating nutritive and energetic values for compound food products made at home or at a restaurant (for example: cake, home-made pie)
-Computation for the daily diet for a person or all members of the family
-Assigning a daily diet depending on the number of calories recommended by the nutritionist and your favourite foods.
-Calculating the daily intake of calories.
-Replacing foods in a diet to obtain the same nutritional profile as the one recommended by the nutritionist



Drawng the safety data sheet for food products or food supplements in conformity with EU law



-Technological design of a food factory, food warehouse, restaurant, pizzeria, pastry or any other player from the food domain
-Creating the necessary technical paperwork for obtaining sanitary veterinary notices from the Sanepid and the sanitary and safety of food authorities.
-Creating the emplacement sketches of factories, warehouses, restaurants etc. with place assignment for utilities, equipments, rooms and spaces for warehousing, filter changing rooms and the other annexed rooms in a way that prevents cross contamination.
-Elaborating fabrication recipes, work instructions, technological schematics and fabrication licenses.
-Designing, implementing and developing the food safety system for the food workers (producers, distributors, warehouses, public alimentation objectives), in conformity with the requirements of ISO 22000/HACCP.



-The seminary about E numbers present in food: “Who’s afraid of the E numbers?” or “ABC about E numbers”.
-The seminary about allergens present in food products and how should you label them – “About allergens and food allergies.
Presentation and labelling” -The seminary about food hygiene organised for the food domain players- “Food hygiene: from design to practice”

Seminary description:

The seminary about Es found in food- “Who’s afraid of E- numbers?” or “ABC about E numbers”

Imagine who it would be if you weren’t afraid anymore of E numbers found in food and didn’t take a long time to search through books or websites answers to your most pressing questions. This seminary is aimed towards people who want to know more about:

-What are E numbers?
-In what foods are E numbers found?
-Should we avoid them or not?
-Most dangerous E numbers?
-Can E numbers be allergens?
-The supply-demand mechanism related to E numbers

I invite you to learn the truth about Es and to stop being afraid of them. A unique seminary, easy to understand and presented by an expert that will show you what to avoid when buying food and what not to avoid.

Over the course of 3 hours you will learn:

-The control mechanism of E numbers – the description of the newest European laws that govern the food additives domain
-The necessity of using E numbers in food as a result of the demands of buyers
-Description of E numbers.

Who should participate at the “Who’s afraid of E numbers?” or “ABC about E numbers” seminaries:

-People who want to eat healthy
-People who don’t know what to eat
-Clients of supermarkets, corner shops, online shops or boutiques.
-People who want to understand what is written on a food label.

The seminary about allergens present in food and how they should be labelled- “About allergens and food allergies. Presentation and labelling”

There are a lot of persons with allergies to different food and that’s why the players in the food domain should be very careful at labelling allergens for the products they sell or produce. This seminary is addressed to the players in the food domain that wish to improve their product labelling in regard to allergens.

In this seminary you will learn about:

-The allergen groups present in some food products in conformity with the European legislation -What kind of allergies do these create?
-How should the presence of allergens be labelled?
-What does cross contamination mean?
-When can you say: Gluten free or lactose free?
-How does the technical paperwork should look like in regards to allergens?

Who should come to the “About allergens and food allergies. Presentation and labelling” seminary:

-The representatives from the legal, quality or marketing departments that handle labelling from the companies that produce food.
-The people responsible with labelling food in catering or fast-food.
-The people responsible with translating food labels sold in Romania.
-Chefs, pastry-makers and the people responsible in the creation of restaurant, pizzerias, cafeterias and sweetshop menus.

The seminary about food hygiene organised for the players in the food domain – “Food hygiene from design to practice”

In the food domain there exist a lot of players starting from suppliers of raw materials to producers, distributors, transporters, depositors of food and, finally, restaurants, cafeterias, fast-food shops and sweetshops.

The employees of these players that come into contact with the food need to be instructed on hygiene problems, in conformity with the current legislation. From practice I observed that even if these courses are done periodically, it’s never bad to refresh the knowledge gained in the hygiene domain.

That is why I created a seminary that can be viewed at any time and can be personalized only for your specific problems. To put it another way, if you send your employees to the hygiene courses they will not learn details about how they should maintain and use the specific norms of hygiene at the workplace. In this seminary employees that come into contact with food will learn about:
- -General notions about hygiene
-Hygiene notions applied to the design of the building were the work is done
-Hygiene notions about food warehouse
-Hygiene notions about transport of food
-Hygiene notions about producing food

Who should come to the “Food hygiene from design to practice” seminary?

-Employees from food factories that work in producing food
-Employees from sweetshops, pastries, pizzerias, cafeterias, fast-food shops, restaurants that come into contact with food
-Employees of food warehouses that move food
-Drivers employed in the transport of food

Events calendars Subscription document Price

Who is it addressed too?

Consulting is addressed to companies from the food domain like: factories, traditional production workshops, farms that produce food, pensions, restaurants, pizzerias, sweetshops, fast-food shops, distributors and importers of food, food warehouses, supermarkets, but also to people who want to learn more about food and ingredients or even nutritionists that want to personalize the diets they recommend, in regard to the favourite food of the patients or the food that can be found in Romania.

How does the collaboration work?

Phone or e-mail contact with the solicitation of one or more services
Establish a meeting (phoned or face to face) that will decide the conditions, the objectives and the work necessary of our collaboration.
Transmitting an offer and the contract draft on e-mail.
Signing the contract and the down-payment
Deciding on the necessary materials
Sending the materials, the final pay.



Dairy industry

Modernization of old factory for yellow cheese production.


Wine industry

Modernization of red and white wines production.


Meat industry

Green field investment for a chicken slaughter.


Dairy industry

Modernization of old factory for fresh dairy products, cheese and milk powder.


Dairy industry

Green field investment for a dairy factory.


Dairy industry

Green field investment for a dairy factory


Dairy industry

Green field investment for a whey processing factory


Dairy industry

Green field investment for a dairy factory


Dairy industry

Modernisation of old factory for fresh dairy products and cheese.


Meat products industry

Green field investment for a meat products factory


Canned meat industry

Modernisation of old factory for meat and mixed canned production


Dairy industry

Modernization of old factory for fresh dairy products and cheese


Vegetable canned industry

Modernization of old factory for vegetable canned production


Dairy industry

Modernisation of cheese production factory


Dairy industry

Modernisation of cheese production factory


Wine industry

Green field investment for a wine production factory


Vegetable warehouse

Green field investment for fruits and vegetable warehouse


Confectionery and pastry shop

Green field investment for pastry and confectionary factory


Import and trading for food ingredients

Implementation of ISO 22000: 2005 quality and safety system Food labelling for dairy products


Import and trading of dairy products

Implementation of ISO 22000: 2005 quality and safety system Food labelling for dairy products


Dairy industry

Biotehnological research and food labelling for dairy products.


Food supliments industry

Food labelling for food supliments.


Dairy industry

Food labelling for dairy products.


Sweets industry

Food labelling for sweets.


Are you doubt about the label of your food products?

Don’t you understand what is written on food labels?

Don’t you know what is the food law?

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